May 2017

There will be no Open Gym Memorial Weekend. Coach Emily will be away judging at Regionals! So show her some love, then get out there and be active with family and friends!

April showers bring...a May Rowing Challenge?
Whether you love to row or hate it, you know it's good for your body. Not only is it low impact, it's a full-body exercise that puts you in control of the intensity. So, why not enter this month's rowing challenge for a chance to win your choice of Driven PreWOD, or Dysrupt? May's Rowing Challenge is: Total distance logged during Open Gym. You only have 3 opportunities to log meters due to no Open Gym Memorial Weekend. Only meters accumulated during Open Gym and validated by a coach will count. If you'd like to participate, it's easy.

1. Come to Open Gym and let a coach know you are rowing for this month's challenge
2. Row
3. Have a coach log your meters

This month's challenge begins May 6th, 2017, and ends May 20th, 2017. The winner (and June's Challenge) will be announced June 1st.

Congratulations to all our athletes who competed at Festivus in West Plains on April 22nd, and a special thank you to all who came out and supported those competing! We had a huge representation of CrossFit Amend, and had several podium finishers!

On Ramp Graduates! Give a high-five to these athletes who have recently completed their On Ramp course! 
March: Leslie Teague, Bailey Bodenhammer, Anna Fry, Alyssa Fry, Ashtyn Kincaid
April: Anna Dollar, Amanda Ulch, Lisa Goettler, Rinney Crawford, Josh Due, Sue Rodden, Hannah Pfeifer, Felipe Gomez, Ben Schroeckenthaler

Just a couple reminders...
If you know someone who would like to try CrossFit, please encourage them to fill out the contact form on the Getting Started tab on our website After their one month of On Ramp one-on-one sessions with a coach, they will be able to join you in regular classes! There's no better time to start than right now!

The final day of the Spring Session of CrossFit Kids will be Wednesday, May 24th. We will be taking a break over the summer, but will be posting some fun activities on social media that your kids can do to stay active this summer! We will start back up for the Fall Session in September!

Driven Featured Product of the Month is......Driven Nutrition Post WOD!

Purchase the featured product during the month of May and receive a 10% discount! See a coach to place an order!

The workout is over, your body is exhausted and the satisfaction of another WOD down is setting in…

Now it’s your job to make sure you get the most out of that total body beat down you just put yourself through. Recovery begins NOW and Driven Nutrition’s Post WOD has been scientifically formulated to make sure you get the very best nutrients rushed to the muscle and connective tissues you plan on working the very next day!

Post WOD comes in 2 flavors, Chocolate Reward, and WOD-ermelon, and contains a triple threat to help you recover: Protein and Carbohydrate Matrix, Amino Acid Creatine Matrix, and Joint Repair Matrix. To learn more about our featured product, visit