August 2018

Crossfit Amend August Newsletter 

August is here! We’ve been enjoying some fall like temperatures lately, but you guys have been bringing the heat! Congratulations to Rob Luther, Emily Reed, and Eric Turner...aka team “Lowered Expectations” for competing in the Recharged Rumble in Harrison. You did a great job, and we are proud of you! 

Need a little motivation? The CrossFit Games are going on now! Here’s how you can watch! These athletes train hard and are super impressive and motivating to watch. You do what they do! How exciting is that!?

Get ready...we have partnered with Molt, Inc. for an 8 week Nutrition Challenge! Being fit isn't only about working out. Nutrition is important for your overall health and well being. It is the foundation for all you do. Here's your opportunity to have fun while strengthening that foundation! Challenge begins August 18th. Tell your friends, and let's do this together! Look for a sign up sheet at Amend!

Beyond the Whiteboard is a fantastic tool to keep track of your progress and fitness level. You can keep track of things other than WODs, so it is a great way to monitor your nutrition, sleep, weight, fish oil intake, etc. You can choose to post publicly, to your fellow Amend members only, or keep your posts private. We love BTWB because it is inexpensive (just $5 added to your monthly Amend membership), it keeps us up to speed on how we are doing individually as well as compared to others, and it's easy! It is available as an app on iPhone and android. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Coach Jess and she will sign you up!

Driven Featured Product of the Month is......Driven Nutrition Post WOD!

Purchase the featured product during the month of August and receive a 10% discount! See a coach to place an order!

The workout is over, your body is exhausted and the satisfaction of another WOD down is setting in…

Now it’s your job to make sure you get the most out of that total body beat down you just put yourself through. Recovery begins NOW and Driven Nutrition’s Post WOD has been scientifically formulated to make sure you get the very best nutrients rushed to the muscle and connective tissues you plan on working the very next day!

Post WOD contains a triple threat to help you recover: Protein and Carbohydrate Matrix, Amino Acid Creatine Matrix, and Joint Repair Matrix. To learn more about our featured product, visit