March 2019

CrossFit Amend March Newsletter 

It's the beginning March, winter isn't quite over, we keep getting teased with beautiful days then rain/snow/ice the next, but there is a silver lining. It's Open season! You know what that means...Friday Night Lights! If you haven't been joining us during FNL you are missing out! Come see what all the fuss is about Fridays at 5:30pm through March 22nd! You won't be disappointed!

March On-Ramp begins March 4th. If you or someone you know would like to try CrossFit, that is where it all begins. Learn the fundamentals of proper movement, get tips on nutrition, and get to know some new people! Contact a Coach for more information!

The Nutrition Challenge has ended. You all did fantastic! After all the meal prep, workouts, lifestyle changes, ups and downs, you did it! The winners of this Nutrition Challenge are Bob Van Haaren and Alysia Blair! You have each won a pair of sweet Adidas Power Lifters to help you continue on your lifelong fitness journey! You guys know that hard work pays off, and you stuck with it. Congratulations! Stay tuned for information on our next Nutrition Challenge!

We love you being part of our Triib! If you haven't downloaded the app yet, what are you waiting for!? Be sure to check in to each class and log your workouts! The kiosk at the front desk currently has an iPad for you to check in to classes when you arrive if you do not have your phone with you. Check out the leader board on the TV located above the O2/Water Fridge.

Driven Featured Product of the Month is......Formula O2!

Purchase Formula O2 during the month of March for 2/$5 (1/$3)! Ask a Coach for details!
Formula O2 is lightly flavored and sweetened for a refreshing, crisp taste and now comes in 4 delicious flavors, Grapefruit Ginger, Orange Mango, Lemon Lime and Blackberry Currant! These are a great alternative to sugary soft drinks or energy drinks. They contain no artificial ingredients, only have 20 calories/2g sugar per can. Added oxygen helps the liver process toxins faster, and with 140mg natural caffeine (Lemon Lime & Blackberry Currant are caffeine free) and 2.5x more electrolytes than leading sports drinks, you can enjoy these guilt free.