April 2019

CrossFit Amend April Newsletter

April already? Easter around the corner? This year is flying by! Totally ready for some Spring weather minus the allergies! ;) Enjoy the dry days, get outside and use your functional fitness!

The 2019 Open is officially over and it was awesome. Our Intramural Competition and Friday Night Lights were a huge success. You guys did things you didn’t think you could, crushed old PRs, and proved to yourself that all the work you’ve been putting in is paying off! Congratulations to Team Rob/Jess for coming out on top this year! Now to start prepping for next year. Gotta defend the title/try to unseat the champs...depending on which team you were on. ;)

We will be doing the Passion WOD again this year! This is a time where we come together as a group and honor Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us. This year it will happen on Saturday, April 20th at 9am. Watch FB and IG for further details!

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March 2019 On Ramp Graduates are: Nakita Montes, Ryan and Chelsea Kaye, Brittany Elliot, and Ashley and Chad Mooney.

Please welcome them to our Amend family when you see them and give them some love!

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SWEAT classes are going strong! Know anyone who wants to do CrossFit but is afraid of or uninterested in using a barbell? Coach Tera has openings available in both the 5am and 12:15pm classes MWF. Contact her with any qhttp://uestions or for more details!

Please keep checking in and entering your info into Triib! It’s such a great tool to track your fitness in and out of class, and see your progress towards your goals.

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